Winterizing your boat

dsc_0018Failure to winterize your boat can result in corrosion, cracked engine blocks, boasted hoses and cracked hulls. Repairing damage caused by winter weather can get extremely costly. Preparing your boat from the grips of winter requires you to perform some basic maintenance in the fall of the year before the temperatures dip below the freezing mark. This is a little more complex than winterizing your vehicle and involves a few additional steps that start at the bow and continues to the stern.


Boat engines are different than other engines. They may operate on gas and need oil, but special care must be given to ensure they are winterized properly. To keep your boat engine from freezing, free from corrosion and ready for spring action, the first thing you should do is consult the owner’s manual. This will have detailed instructions on what must be done to secure your motor for winter.

Typically this will involve removing the engine cover and inspecting all hoses and wires. If the wires appear frayed and, hoses appear soft and have cracks, replace them. Check any belts and ensure they are free from cracks. It may also be recommended to adjust the tension according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Visible nicks and scratches should be painted to prevent corrosion, and you should also change the engine oil and filter. Some engines must be flushed with fresh water before storage. Be careful when performing this procedure because all water must be drained before winter storage because even a small amount of water can freeze and cause damage to the engine.

Ensure your inboard or stern-drive engine antifreeze is filled to prevent freezing. It may be advisable to replace this with new antifreeze each season as a precaution. Add fuel stabilizer to any remaining gas to the tank and run the engine for a few minutes allowing the treated gas to circulate. This will help prevent the clogging of jets and injectors.

Once you have completed this, use fogging oil and spray it into the carburetors while the engine is running. Turn off the fuel supply and wait for the engine to stop. This will burn off any fuel left in the system. Then remove the plugs and spray some fogging oil in the cylinders and rotate the engine manually a few times to ensure the oil penetrates through the cylinder. For yamaha engines please use specified Yamaha Boat Oil.

Replace the spark plugs and open the carburetor drain. This will remove the last bit of fuel that may be present in the system. Using a block of wood, raise the engine and remove the prop. Inspect it for damage and debris. Lubricate any moving parts as per the owner’s manual and replace the prop.

For some engines, it may be a good idea to inspect the gear case and gear lube. Should you notice the oil is milky in color, this may indicate water has penetrated the gear box. You may also want to inspect the oil for metal chips which could indicate problems with the gears.

Replace the oil accordingly and your engine has now been properly winterized. Taking the time to properly winterize your boat engine means a quick launch come spring and years of enjoyment as you cruise around the water in your boat.




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Feel the pleasure of boating by choosing the right boat motor oil


4ce54c381c781194e175fce3a642e4e1Boating is considered as one of favorite hobbies or leisure for many people.

The type of boat, whether it is sail boats, yachts or power boats, depends on costumer’s preference, but when it comes to choosing the right type of engine, it is essential to be wiser and better informed, because the motion of the boat almost totally depends on it. To make the engine work properly, one needs to change the oil frequently; otherwise the remaining oil will ultimately damage the motor. If we make a comparison between the role of the boat motor oil and human body, we can say for sure that the oil has the same functioning for boat motor, as blood for our organism.

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Fireworks Boating Safety Tips

fireworks-102971_1280Many cities located along the ocean, lake or river bays all over the world will be firing off community fireworks. They are a fun and beautiful way of celebrating your 4th of July holiday. Community fireworks are well seen from the cockpit or fly bridge of your boat. Here are a few safety tips if you have plans of taking your boat out to celebrate.

The boat should not be loaded with passengers. Sometimes the number of seats is not the best capacity indicator. The weight capacity is indicated on the transform, helm or the builder manual. Designate a skipper to stay at the helm and return passengers safely ashore after the fireworks. Ensure the driver and the passengers are sober since alcohol and fireworks don’t mix well. Ensure that everyone on board is wearing an inflatable life jacket. There is always danger associated with moving in a crowd of vessels in presence of smoke. Take care of navigation by setting your route to the on-water fireworks viewing zone. You can use GPS enabled devices to find it. Keep the fenders and lines ready when rafting up to other boats to watch fireworks. Advice your passengers to keep their body inside the boat at all times. You should not light your own fireworks in the boat due to the absence of a flat and level surface. The boat contains fiberglass and fuel which are highly flammable. These can cause fire in presence of sparks and open flames. You should not fire emergency flares in place of fireworks since they burn faster and hotter than fireworks. You should also avoid making fake and emergency calls. This is illegal and you may be fined or jailed. Include a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water in a boat. Use them to put out any sparks that might drift into your boat. Obey orders and designated zones provided by the guard authorities for your own safety. Avoid rushing home after the fireworks are over. Take your time to maneuver through the traffic. Always step out of water feet first and don’t let the children swim alone. Always have your phone with you in case of any emergencies.

Fireworks are a fun way of celebrating Independence Day. However, they can cause pain and even death if not well handled especially in a crowd. Always ensure safety first. You can even avoid the crowd by buying fireworks online over at and putting you own show. Light one at a time and step away after lightning it.

Fishing Perks: Here’s Why This Sport Is Such A Huge Hit With Men

Men are hunters. They instinctively are looking for prey that they can hunt, and lucky you if your men is not looking for other ladies! Instead, his preoccupation is fishing. While this may sound boring to you and staring in a body of water might be more annoying than watching paint dry, there are reasons why us men like fishing and here are just a few.
It’s All About Spending Time In The Open
On the off chance that you adore nature, yet once in a while find the opportunity to invest energy in nature, I would recommend that your take a stab at looking for instance. Fishing will permit you to invest more energy in nature and to truly reconnect with nature. We as a whole realize that because of the way that we experience our bustling lives in the urban communities, appended to cell phones and PCs, we have unquestionably lost this valuable association with nature, and trust me, you will feel a great deal better in the event that you begin taking a shot at this part of your life and reconnect with nature.

Thinking Deep Thoughts, Making Decisions

While you are fishing, you certainly have the essential time to consider all the vital, and additionally non-imperative things throughout your life.

It can be especially helpful on the off chance that you have some kind of difficulty you can’t understand all alone or without some an opportunity to process it in any event. The motivation behind why many people go fishing when they are confronted with a troublesome choice or a testing period in their life is correctly in light of the fact that it will permit you to think things through and this can be especially valuable in these circumstances.

A Skill For Life
Not just that fishing is an extraordinary interest to have a ton of fun action, yet notwithstanding every one of these things it is likewise an extremely helpful expertise to have. When you consider it, it is one of the crucial ingrained instincts regardless of where you are and what you are left with. For some individuals, to realize that they can make due all alone regardless of what is something that is certainly engaging about fishing. Accordingly, on the off chance that you need to feel enabled, I would propose that you experiment with fishing!

On the off chance that you are searching for a pastime to fill your time, or just to divert you amid the weekends, my proposal is unquestionably to take up fishing!

It will permit you to invest more energy with individuals who have comparable premiums and offer stories.

Notwithstanding that, it will permit you to invest more energy in your own particular and consider, and in addition to invest additional time in nature. With everything taken into account, fishing is an incredible game and pastime to have!

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